Do Good . Send Love. These are the pillars of humanity. Our campaign seeks to answer one basic need - food. In these very challenging times of COVID 19, some of us need a little help. Do Good . Send Love intends to reach out to the Lost, the Last and the Least, to bring a little love to them by providing a very basic need - food, made with love. In collaboration with JR Foods for Chef In Box and our fundraising partner, Singapore Rugby Union and Eat for Good campaign with, we hope that this will not only bring love, but change, to the lives of those we have helped, and to those who have contributed. 

  • Singapore Association For Mental Health
  • Lee Ah Mooi's Home At Silat
  • Surya And Sunlove Home
  • SG Accident Help Centre
  • St. Andrew Hospital
  • Kheng Chiu Loke Tin Kee Home
  • Care Corner Family Service Centre
  • Peace Haven
  • Melrose Home
  • Jln Kukoh Community 


Thank you, AIC and Elpis Hideout, for your generous gesture of donating 80 Chef in Box meal packs on Saturday, 11 Apr 2020 to our five needy clients from SAMH Group Homes. Our clients enjoyed the delicious meal packs which came in a variety of flavours although Vegetable Lasagna was the hot favourite! It was a pleasant surprise since most of our male clients are known to be meat-lovers. Our clients of SAMH Group Homes described the "Chef in Box makan" as "healthy and a new experience".
- Singapore Association for Mental Health
JR Group's food are very yummy and easy to prepare. The residents and staff are very happy and found the food delicious as the plates were all clean after their meals.
- Lee Ah Mooi's Home
Our workers are very happy with the food they have received.

- SG Accident Help Centre
I send my gratitude to all the people in the organization who has put in so much effort, time and money, to help me and my boys to get through this difficult time. Thank you so much for the delightful contribution. We will forevery be grateful. God bless you all. 
- Mdm A, Care Corner Family Service Centre
Our staff and kids really enjoyed and we have finished up the 80 frozen bentos. We received great feedback for the meals. Thank you!

- Melrose Home

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