We partner with our clients to drive change and we do it through our complete suite of services (ICE2), with our regional teams and our strong partner networks in research and idea generation, international media representation, event creation and execution, with the latest creative technology deployment in digital, animation, AR and VR.


Our unique selling point lies in our extensive partners, clients and sponsors network in the region and our ability to connect the right people with the right business opportunities to create success. As results are important to every strategy and campaign deployment, we are able to provide comprehensive evaluation and measurement tools on success using technology and data. 








Solaire, with their primary offering as a world class casino, wanted to elevate their image into that of a world class resort. ELPIS suggested using a targeted PR approach and brought an international press entourage to their year end countdown party. With the press treated to Solaire signature 5-star experience, the resulting PR coverage garnered from this exercise saw Solaire achieving their objective.

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Union Bank of The Philippines

Ideation, creation & Execution

In 2019, Union bank of The Philippines retained ELPIS as their consultant for international media
engagement on strategic brand positioning with key messaging. We created messages meant for
international positioning with our client and executed them through targeted pitches to key media partners. The resulting coverage from Bloomberg, CNA and NASDAQ for our client at SFF 2019 was a resounding success.



Creation, execution & Evaluation

As one of two key telecommunication players in The Philippines, Globe wanted to elevate their in-country presence. ELPIS was brought in to create and execute an event that will achieve this. We suggested that they tapped onto a key business event with an international media player to do this. Bloomberg Briefings was introduced to The Philippines for the first time and with the event
oversubscribed, objective achieved.

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EU-ASEAN Business Council

ideation, creation, execution & Evaluation


EU-ASEAN Business Council is the sole voice for European businesses in ASEAN. Based In Singapore, the Council has engaged ELPIS as their retained media and PR consultant to assist them in changing their image to the business community via their media and PR outreach for their annual events. Based on our media reports, their media coverage has increased significantly in 2019.